Using a professional voice over will add style and impact to any e-Learning project.

Where you once needed a studio full of equipment to create and record an audio visual presentation, today the same can be achieved on your laptop or mobile device.

However the human element, in the form of the voice over artist, has yet to be satisfactorily "digitally enabled". We still need to bring in the voice over talent to to keep pace with the quality of the pictures!

How often have you experienced the "cringe" when hearing some rank amateur voice destroy what could have been a great presentation.

Now the good news. You can now audition Australia's leading voice talent, arrange a quote and have your script recorded at the click of a mouse or tap on a touchpad.

As part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, we can offer you the widest selection of male and female professional voice artists from which to choose the ideal voice for your next e-Learning project.

We are talking about "true pro's" - trained and experienced voice actors who are part of the broadcasting industry. They work in radio, television and recording studios throughout Australia, South East Asia and the Indo Pacific region.

You can begin your casting session right now and start finding the right voice or voices for you e-Learning project.

We've compiled a huge selection of sample recordings of our male and female voice artists for you to audition online. To listen to some samples click here.

As you listen to the samples try to imagine if the voice is the type you think will suit your presentation. If you are not convinced, click on to the next sample.

Remember that as professional voice artists these actors are extremely versatile. They will read the script according to your direction.

You should be making your decision on whether you like the timbre in the voice; the resonance and distinctive tone.

When you have made a choice on the voice or voices you think will be suitable for your e-Learning project you will need to find out when they are available and how much they charge.

Again all this can be accomplished online. We will provide a quote, in the strictest confidence, free of charge. To get the ball rolling send a copy of your script and we will reply with your FREE QUOTE. Click here

Assuming the quote for your preferred voice talent meets the budget, but you are still not 100% certain in your choice of voice we will go one step further. We will arrange a FREE DEMO

The demonstration or Free Demo will be a recording of your chosen voice artist reading an extract taken from your actual script. Then you will be able to accurately judge if the voicetalent you have chosen is right for the job.

We will arrange the recording and send you a link so you can go online and listen to the Free Demo.

To request a FREE DEMO click here

You can listen to the FREE DEMO online as often as you wish. You can listen with friends and colleagues to discuss your choice. Only when you are satisfied you have made the right choice and assuming the script is fully approved, only then will we make arrangements to do the final recording.

We will arrange to do the recording via our recording studios located on the Queensland Gold Coast. You may choose to direct the voice recording session in person here at the studio or via a telephone hook-up.

If you can't make it to the studio in person we can arrange a 3-way telephone hook-up between you, the voice talent and our studio engineer. It's almost as good as being in the control room, but saves you travelling and time away from your office.

If you prefer, or if time and budget constraints prevent you from being at the studio in person, you can brief one of our In House Producers to direct the voice recording session on your behalf. We will go ahead and record the session in your absence according to your instructions.

As soon as the voice recording is done we will send a link for you to go online and download the file. We can supply the file in any specified format.

You have the option to receive all the takes from the session to process and edit. Or we can send only the best takes. Then you can create the final mix with appropriate music and sound effects.

As an alternative we can do everything for you according to your instructions. Our experienced Producer will compile the voice track using the best takes and create a finished mix using library music and sound effects.

When the mix is complete we will send a link for you to access the finished audio track. You can then edit the vision component and complete the project.

The choice is all yours. From selecting the right voice to deciding whether you want to direct the recording session in person or over the phone. Alternatively you might brief our production staff to complete the audio track according to your instructions. We will work in any way you feel is best suited to the budget and your deadline.

Now is the time to get things rolling. Start by listening to the voice samples online. Select the voice or voices to suit the project. Then ask for a free online quote. You also have the option to request a Free Demo of your chosen talent reading a section taken from your script.

To get started now use the "Let's Chat" button. Or call the telephone number at the bottom of this page.