Our team of skilled Copywriters create scripts with impact to cut through the clutter.

If the prospect of writing your own script fills you with the dread of late nights amid the smell burning oil, relax!

We have experienced Copywriters ready to take your instructions and turn them into hard working scripts for radio ads, TV commercials, internet pages, corporate video productions, telephone messages and more.

Copywriters are not born, they are carved out of well-worn dictionaries, assembled from broken phrases, stray adjectives and the odd Thesaurus. Copywriters learn to be copywriters on the job. It is a learned art.

One of the first lessons is discovering writing for the spoken word differs widely from writing for a print medium. Our Copywriters fully understand this difference. They know how to achieve the impact you desire to communicate a message to your target audience.

Understanding how an audio script communicates is essential in effective copywriting. Our writers are ever-ready to exploit the nuances of pace, pause, inflection, breathing and emphasis.

When you need to write a script for use in radio, television, cinema the internet, for an e-Learning project or a telephone message we have the copywriters to do the job for you.

Send us the information in point-form and we will work out a quote and tell you when we can reply with a draft script.

It might be that someone has already begun working on the script. Or you might be writing an update to and old script. Send whatever material you think will be useful to our writers when they sit down to draft your new script.

To arrange a quote and get our copywriters working on a script for you, click here.