Phone Messages

First impressions have impact. Now get the impact only a professionally written and voiced Welcome Message can achieve.

When the telephone is answered at your company the caller should be greeted in style. They should hear a warm welcome and immediately know they are dealing with a professional organisation. This is why you should have a recorded Welcome Message that's been properly written and recorded by an experienced professional voice artist working in a proper studio.

At Media Group we provide your Welcome Message as part of the package when you place an order for a Messages On Hold program.

For easy loading onto your telephone system the Welcome Message is supplied as a separate file.

As a part of Media Group, the business audio specialists we know the critical role the initial greeting plays in setting the tone for your business, so we always make sure callers hear the style of welcome you require.

The Welcome Message greeting your callers needs to be concisely worded and clearly read by a male or female professional voice artist in a friendly and inviting tone.The quality of the recording is also relevant so it is important to use a proper recording studio

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For your reference here is the typical wording used in Welcome Messages.

Sample of a script for a Welcome Message: Welcome and thank you for calling (insert your Company Name and core product/service description or slogan) Please stay on the line and a member of our friendly team will be right with you.

A typical script of a Welcome Message for Medical Services: Welcome and thank you for calling (here insert the name of the Doctor or Medical Centre) If this call concerns a medical emergency you are advised to hang up now and dial 000 to call an ambulance. If there is no immediate medical emergency, please stay on the line and a member of our team will be with you shortly.