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Phone Messages

When you have quality Messages On Hold callers are more likely to stay on the line and not hang up especially during busy times.

Your company's program of Messages On Hold might be the first contact a caller has with your business. And we all know the impact first impressions can make.

Think about the times you have been left wondering after a first encounter! That initial reaction can sway a decision favourably or unfavourably.

You can probably remember hearing some of those badly worded, poorly voiced and crackly phone messages.

But with Messages On Hold from Media Group you can be sure the impression will be favourable. That audio quality alone will give you the jump on your competitors.

As business audio specialists Media Group know the importance of having Telephone Messages On Hold that are well written and professionally voiced. They also need to have been properly produced in a quality recording studio.

Instantly you are able to demonstrate to callers that you care about your customers and you also care about presenting a quality image for the company. Whether the caller is an existing client or potentially a new customer, they'll feel better about doing business with you.

Probably the only thing worse than placing a caller on hold and being forced to listen to poorly written and badly spoken messages, is putting them on hold in deadly silence.

The dreaded "silent treatment"! It happens with phones that switch to silence when "on hold" is selected. It leaves your callers wondering if the call has dropped-out or if they have been disconnected.

Equally as bad as systems that switch to silence are the phone systems that play soul-destroying computer-generated noises they have the nerve to call music.

There are also telephones that can be connected to a radio or music player. Of course as soon as you plug-in a device that replays commercial music you become liable to pay ongoing fees to collection agencies like APRA and PPCM.

By having a program of Messages On Hold on your phone you will reduce the number callers who might hang-up and ring your competitors. Callers will be kept interested with short messages informing them about your products and services as well as any special offers. In between the messages they'll hear some entertaining music.

Your company's Messages On Hold also help show your interest in providing better customers service. You can draw attention to any promotions or product launches or use a message to convey a Christmas greeting and advise any change of opening hours during holiday periods.

On Hold Messages can help reinforce your company's professionalism and provide confidence in your products and services.

Having established a favourable impression with your Messages On Hold program, here at Media Group, the business audio specialists, we know it's important you keep the content in your messages relevant and up to date. So you need to be able to make changes quickly and without fuss.

When it's time to update your Messages On Hold, we have a system that lets you do your updates online. Just follow the prompts at

If you want to make the most of your telephone system you need to have an up to date program of Messages On Hold. A program that has been professionally written, voiced and produced.

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