In Store Music

Build a unique shopping experience around music while avoiding hefty annual fees to APRA and PPCA.

Royalty Free Music is one key in the success story that is In Store Music. Fortunately as a part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, we have access to some of the world's most extensive libraries of Royalty Free Music.

On top of the multitude of existing tracks, the number of tracks for you to choose is constantly expanding.

You can browse all the popular music genres contained in our libraries including traditional and modern jazz, pop, rock and blues, disco, country and more. In short we have music to please every taste.

We describe our music libraries as being "Royalty Free". What does that actually mean? Mostly when you use commercial music at a place of business in Australia you are liable to pay a royalty fee. However the music in our libraries of recorded music is exempt because the composers, musicians, producers and publishers have already been compensated.

To listen to sample tracks from our libraries of Royalty Free Music, click here.