In Store Music

In Store Music lets you manage any music or advertising message your customers hear broadcast inside your business

Business owners love the fact that In Store Music gives control over the music and the messages customers hear while they shop.

It's a foolproof way to avoid the risk of offending any customers with bad language or inflammatory and risque lyrics. When have a radio playing in store you know you are going to hear the DJ put out a "language warning".

You also can't prevent the radio playing "bad news" broadcasts and ruining the vibe! Most of all with In Store Music your customers are not subject to advertising from other businesses especially from competitors

You are the person who is going to get into trouble if a customer gets offended so it is important to you get to call the shots. We'll work with you to select the most appropriate music tracks to play to your customers.

It's your choice what music tracks will be played and what messages will be featured in the In Store Music program.

Our music libraries are vast. You get the widest choice of music genres from our catalogues of Royalty Free Music. You won't hear anything controversial or offensive.

Using Royalty Free Music also means you are not liable to pay annual fees to APRA and PPCA. Royalty Free Music is exempt from those hefty annual fees which are adjusted according to the Australian CPI. Naturally, the fees increase all the time.

Along with controlling the music selection you control the message content of your In Store Music program. We will write and produce the announcements based on your input. Our copywriters will draft scripts for the messages according your instructions. When you have approved the scripts we will schedule the voice over talents and studio time and go ahead with recording the messages.

The quality of the production will be equal to and more likely better than anything you hear on radio. As part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we supply sound tracks and radio advertising to broadcasters and business houses all across Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

Now is the time to really consider starting a 30 Day FREE TRIAL of In Store Music. You'll enjoy control of the music tracks and the content of the messages playing in your store. There are no annual fees for the music. Your customers won't hear other unwanted messages -no political propaganda, no government ads and no offensive rubbish. Together with the music tracks you have selected for your customers to enjoy they can hear only your information.

Get cracking and discover In Store Music. Start a 30 Day FREE TRIAL. Click here.