In Store Music

Keep customers up-to-date on your sales promotions and store events without exposing them to messages from competitors.

Each In Store Music program is written and produced by our experts to entertain and inform your customers while they shop. During that shopping experience everything they hear will have been approved by you!

In fact you have complete control over the content your customers hear broadcast while they are shopping. They will hear the music tracks you have chosen and every so often they will hear informative messages you have approved

It's like owning your own radio station when it's the only radio station on air! You are the head of programming and chief censor. There will not be any songs with lyrics that might cause offence

All the announcements and promotional messages playing on your In Store Music program will feature only information you want your customers to hear.

Think of the messages you could insert in the program. Perhaps you can reinforce your current advertising campaign. You can send a festive greeting or promote a seasonal sale.

You might have decided to run a joint promotion with one of your suppliers. In Store Music gives you the perfect space to communicate that activity. You might be able to tell customers about a new product arrival or get them excited about your new season's releases. The announcements you choose to include with the In Store Music program give you endless opportunities.

The announcements on your In Store Music program will be a source of pride for you. They will feature professional male and female voice over artists. The scripts will be expertly crafted by our in-house writers and produced with music and sound effects at our state of the art digital recording studios.

In Store Music programs are designed to entertain and inform customers. Choosing the right mix of music tracks and announcements will help make your place a more enjoyable place to shop

Working closely with our communication experts we will determine the optimum number of replays and time of day each announcement will be heard throughout the In Store Music program.

Along with placing the announcements you also direct the music your customers will hear. You'll get to review our vast libraries of Royalty Free Music containing music of all types. Working closely with you, we will make-up the playlists for the In Store Music program by choosing tracks that match the style of music preferred by your customers.

It's very likely that you already know what genre of music will appeal to your customers. As a part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we know and understand how sound works.

Now with In Store Music we aim to combine our marketing expertise and your special relationship with your customers to create a unique audio ambience within your store.

Of course we have a vested interest in watching you get the most out of In Store Music. The benefits will be seen in tangible results as well as in increased levels of customer satisfaction. It will begin to happen very quickly and as you begin sharing those results with your industry peers, we will have created a situation where everybody wins

To listen to some examples of announcements we have produced for various In Store Music clients, Click here.